Seattle Micro Apartments

Seattle is well known in the real estate market for leading the US when it comes to tiny apartments. In fact, some of these Seattle micro apartments have the same size of a very generous parking spot in any other state. The idea of these apartments is to serve young people, retirees, and students who don’t need much space as families do.

However, residents who live near to buildings of micro apartments complain about the fact that, instead of being a one-person apartment, people are including other persons in little tiny spaces. These neighbors claim the importance on building bigger apartments in the area. 

Even though tiny apartments have been going on Seattle for almost thirty years, the idea has gained a lot of popularity ever since three years ago and due to the real estate crisis which happened in 2008. In fact, there are a lot of Americans who move to Chicago in search of a tiny apartment which suits their monetary needs.  These apartments have measurements which go from the 150 to the 200 square feet and its rents tend to be something in between $500 and $750 a month with utilities such as Internet and furniture included.